Striking a Balance


Is it even possible?

It can be tempting to just keep working when you’re busy but we urge you to listen to the science. Study after study has shown a poor work-life balance not only increases your chance of stress and depression, it actually reduces productivity.

In today’s workforce of more casual work and telecommuting, the lines between work and home have blurred and we’re all feeling like we have less control over how our time is spent. The constant hum of instant gratification doesn’t help.

It’s time to work smarter instead of harder, and these tips may help you to achieve the balance.

Track your time

Start a record of how you spend all your work time. At the end of a week, take a good look and identify the time-wasting activities. How do they relate to your priorities or business objectives?

Plan for yourself

Make ‘you’ time a priority along with everything else. Put it on your To Do lists and stick to it – work time is for work and personal time is for you. Of course, deadlines will sometimes throw a spanner in the works, but at least it’s there to be done like everything else.

Switch off

Turn off the computer, silence the mobile, walk away from the office, and shut the door. You need time to recharge so spend it eating well, exercising regularly, and giving yourself a good night’s sleep. You’ll not only feel better, you’ll work better.

Ask for help

Outsource home chores or even some of your business routines like administration or bookkeeping if you can. Mentors and business coaches (even life coaches) are becoming more affordable, but even if your budget doesn’t extend that far you’re probably surrounded by the support network of family and friends. Use it and ask for help.

Say no

Every time you get a request, ask yourself if it suits your schedule or aligns with your priorities. If not you’ll only overwhelm yourself and undo the careful planning you’ve put in place to achieve your work-life balance in the first place. Don’t feel guilty saying no, feel empowered.

We know what you’re thinking – does M.B. Secretarial Services practice what it preaches? My German Shepherd takes me for a long walk every day (not the other way around).

Let us know how you find the balance in your life and we’ll look into bringing you more inspired tips soon.

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