Handy Help for the Tradie


As avid users of the latest communication technology, M.B. Secretarial Services has a wide range of clients the world over. We enjoy our work and the people we work with, especially when we can educate clients and colleagues on the many benefits technology can provide.

One of our latest clients, Andrew from Global Roofing Services, is a tradesman whose last assistant suddenly and unexpectedly left the industry, leaving him with a pile of handwritten quotes, invoices, and receipts in dire need of attention. He needed someone to type up all his paperwork and email them to his customers from his own company email address, rather than that of the previous assistant.

As we are a business based outside the Sydney metropolitan area he was unsure about using M.B. Secretarial Services. After all, he wouldn’t be able to simply drop his paperwork off to our office.

So we walked him through how to fax or scan his paperwork so we could work on it, got in touch with his IT contractor and set him up with a company mailbox on the M.B. Secretarial Services system in no time.

In a matter of hours we’d transformed the administration arm of his company with the necessary document templates, a customer database, and the first batch of quotes and invoices off to potential and existing customers.

We even set up a Dropbox account that gives him fast and easy access to his documents from wherever he’s working.

Andrew is now happily emailing and faxing his paperwork to M.B. Secretarial Services every day, and he’s even recommended us to colleagues in his industry. But helping a tradesman to make good use of modern technology isn’t the only success in this story, he happily admits our professional documents and systems have made him lift his game and offer a higher level of quality in his own business.

Who said a tradesman doesn’t need modern technology?

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