Proof is in the Detail

Proof is in the Detail This is how The Macquarie Dictionary defines proofreading: ‘to read (printers’ proofs, etc.) in order to detect and mark errors to be corrected’. We all make mistakes, but rarely will they be more embarrassing than when they end up...

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Managing Your Electronic Files

Managing Your Electronic Files So you thought file management was just for paper files? Think again. Keeping computer files organised and up to date is just as important. The aim of your digital file management system is to be able to find what you’re...

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Reader’s Request

Reader’s Request This month a reader of the Business Sense Newsletter got in touch to ask how we stay so organised with so many different clients. Great question. M.B. Secretarial Services caters to many industries and performs all different types of work....

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Managing Your Emails

Managing Your Emails In our last issue we looked at managing your electronic files, and a lot of that approach is applicable to email as well. Even when setting and using spam filters, we can often feel like we’re drowning in emails. Consequently, we find...

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Writing a Procedure

Writing a Procedure Do you dread writing procedures? You’d prefer to apply your creativity to the project, not the administration. Right? Even if you’re a sole trader, there’ll come a time when you realise you’re doing certain tasks over and over - even when applied...

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Customer Service – What’s it all about?

Customer Service - What’s it all about? At M.B Secretarial Services, our business is built around customer services more than most. As a completely virtual company, almost all our dealings with customers is done by phone or internet, so communicating...

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