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Remember Me

19 Sep 2016 3:21 PM -

Have you ever received a business card and wondered where it came from? Not who gave it to you, the very practice of exchanging a piece of card with contact details on them?

The busi...

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Technology Everywhere

20 Aug 2015 2:02 PM -

You already know MBSS as a virtual business service and you know what that means, but you might not realise the extent to which it's going to become the norm more than ever over the next few years because there's a new paradigm coming – comp...

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Out in the Cold

13 Oct 2014 7:33 PM -

Cold calls are almost never pleasant. While they can be nerve-wracking for you they can be irritating (at best) for those you hope to turn into clients. We're all busy – never more than at work it seems – and have eno...

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IP for Beginners

6 Aug 2014 7:58 AM -

Copyright used to seem like something only big companies had to deal with in the pre-web era, but it's so easy to copy and use material you don't own the rights to (even unknowingly) today that it's become everyone's business.


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Storm in a Teacup

1 Jun 2014 5:45 PM -

When it comes to corralling the talents and ideas of your team, the brainstorming session might be your best new business process. It’s a unique form of free-flowing thought and inspiration, all of it potentially pri...

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To Err is Management

3 Apr 2014 9:29 AM -

We all make mistakes at work, and when you're in management, there's a whole new crop of common mistakes to make and learn from. The trick is to minimise their impact, absorb the lesson and move on.

Better yet, adopt the wisdom of those...

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Tips for Public Speaking

3 Apr 2014 9:01 AM -

Feeling some nervousness before giving a speech is natural and even beneficial, but too much nervousness can be detrimental. Here are some proven tips on how to control your butterflies and give better presentations:

  1. Value your ...

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The Art of Delegating

4 Feb 2014 4:10 PM -

It used to be that when you joined the army you could do anything from cook to build missiles. Today, you can buy Starbucks coffee on a major US Navy aircraft carrier.

That’s delegation ...

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Dealing with Procrastination

4 Feb 2014 4:03 PM -

As Mark Twain is supposed to have said, ‘never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow’.

You can find a hundred puns, non-sequiturs and jokes about procrastination...

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The Process of Improvement

2 Dec 2013 7:42 PM -

You might think the notion of business processes only applies to big companies with lots of staff and paperwork across multiple departments.

But we all have business practices, even sole traders or SMEs. If you leave an email in your i...

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Getting your Figures in Order

2 Dec 2013 7:35 PM -

You might have heard the saying 'you have to spend money to make money'. More important still is figuring out where to spend it and where you're making it.

A business budget helps you do both as smartly as possible. It's both a roadmap...

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Stress Management

7 Oct 2013 4:17 PM -

We're all doing more with less. If you have steady employment you're probably doing more for the same money before the purse-tightening we've seen in the economy over the last five years. If you work for yourself, clients are probably taking lo...

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Time Management Pitfalls

13 Aug 2013 9:45 AM -

We never have enough of it in business. Not money – time. With all the advice around about managing your time (maintain work/life balance, find time to work on your business instead of just in it), knowing where to start can be an exercis...

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It's a disaster!

13 Aug 2013 9:26 AM -

When it comes to a hard drive failure, accidental data deletion or other act of God, human error or technological breakdown, it's not a matter of if, but when.

Here in Australia we've seen several dramatic incidences of loss of life and...

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Customer Service - What's it all about?

10 Jun 2013 11:27 AM -

At M.B Secretarial Services, our business is built around customer services more than most. As a completely virtual company, almost all our dealings with customers is done by phone or internet, so communicating clearly to cust...

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